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Magic Pen

Magic Pen

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Create the most beautiful works of art in the water.

With these special, magical water pens you can create beautiful floating works of art on the water. A unique way to encourage your child's creative side.

•Interesting and Fun
Water painting will arouse children's curiosity. Mom, dad and children can join the painting together and experience the joy of handwork! This is also a fun game for family and friends gatherings. Find innocence together!

•Everything You can Draw!
Four colors make the painting objects more abundant, such as small fish, tortoise, Captain Eugene, SpongeBob, Squidward Tentacles, big whale, small flower, butterfly and so on.

techniques used:
1. Prepare a basin of cold water, do not use hot water! ! !
2. A dry spoon, dont stick to the water! ! ! (must be a ceramic spoon, iron spoons cannot be used; mirrors are fine too)
3. Draw the pattern you like, wait for a while after painting, and wait for the painting to dry! ! !
4. Slow down when you put it in the water, shake it up and down gently, and let the pattern float! ! !

Note: When painting again, be sure to wipe off the water on the spoon! ! !

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